Step UP Duke Power

I was just reading a press release from the Southern Environmental Law Center. Duke is refusing to clean up their mess, the coal ash pits that have plagued so many North Carolina residents. With a past governor, Duke Energy had government in its pocket. Now, Governor Cooper and the Department of Environmental Quality want to make sure this clean up happens, and not at the consumer’s expense.

Why are they so resistant to acknowledging the research? It isn’t like they are some small, local business. They have the money to do this. They just need the will. North Carolinians have little choice in a power provider. Duke holds many of the cards and they know this. Are they hoping to hold off cleanup until political conditions are more favorable to the big corporations in Raleigh? Are they stonewalling until they hold ALL the cards?

The article says it best: “For years, tens of thousands of North Carolinians have been telling Duke and the Department of Environmental Quality they demand these cleanups, which every utility in South Carolina is now doing and is now required for every one of the unlined lagoons of Virginia’s utility. It is long past time to clean up all of Duke’s leaking, unlined coal ash pits in North Carolina.“

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