Good Things Happening for Good People

In the news this week we have had some much needed good news for ourselves and our neighbors. With Governor Cooper at the helm, things are beginning to show signs of looking up. Now we cross our fingers and hope that the gerrymandered General Assembly will work toward helping all North Carolinians, and not just lining their own pockets.

Number 1 is that Governor Cooper launched his plan to increase teacher salary and fund investments in our schools, from Kindergarten all the way on up. A better public education only means one thing, a better future for all of us. Here is the link for all the details on this plan:

Number 2 is the Early Childhood Action Plan. Again brighter future for everyone. We know a quality education starts early. This plan started with an executive order by Governor Cooper, directing DHHS to develop this plan. It focuses on three foundations for all NC children, they are :

  1. Safe

  2. Well Nurtured

  3. Learning and ready to succeed

You can read more about this plan at this link:

When we do better for our children, we do better for all of us living, working and raising families here in Burke County.