Never Underestimate the Influence of Precinct Organization

Hello fellow Democrats. It is an exciting time of year when we get together and plan for the next two years. Precincts are the grassroots of the Democratic Party and the Burke County Democratic Party cannot move forward without the neighborhood organization of the precinct.

I get so many questions about precincts and precinct organization. So many people do not know what a precinct is or what it does. A few years ago, all I knew was that a precinct was a geographic area around my polling place. All people in the same precinct voted at the same polling place on election day. But there is more to precinct organization than that.

Precinct Democrats:

  • Organize around an issue of concern for their precinct

  • Get to know other Democrats in their neighborhood

  • Distribute information from the Burke County Democratic Party

  • Communicate with voters in their precinct

But that’s not all. Being part of an organized precinct allows you to:

  • Have an impact on the Democratic Party Plan

  • Participate fully in the Democratic Party

  • Have a voice

It is important for everyone to have a voice in the Democratic Party, to shape our future. We have precinct meetings going on right now. Attend your precinct meeting. Here is a list of all precinct meetings.:

Click to find precinct meetings in Burke County NC

Click to find precinct meetings in Burke County NC

If you are unsure of your precinct you can go to the NC Board of Elections voter search page, and enter your name and county. When you find your name, click on it. The first thing listed on the right side is your precinct.

Make a plan, get involved, and attend your local precinct meeting. The Burke County Democratic Party depends on you. I look forward to seeing you there!